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Dundee Tram Line
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1. Tram journeys are much faster than buses.


Due to mostly running on segregated routes commuters will reach their destination faster than if they were to hop on the bus. Not only this but thanks to having more entry/exit points boarding can occur much quicker than on traditional buses, and the off-tram ticketing adds to this faster boarding experience. 

2. their permanence is a positive, not a negative.

Investors feel more confident investing in communities with permanent infrastructure projects. Seeing this transport certainty new businesses and shops will open along the route because they know, like a bus route, tram lines are here to stay.

3. People prefer riding trams.


Time and time again, research has shown that people will switch from their car to tram more willingly than they would switch to using buses. In cities with trams, 35% of journeys are made by tram (only 14% use buses in Dundee). Further to this results have shown that 20% of Croydon tram users were ex-car users. A reduction of car usage by that margin would be transformational for Dundee and would help us reduce air pollution across the city.

Why Trams in Dundee?

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